How We Work

Applying Intelligence to Efficiency: The Spark Process

We help you find smarter ways to save energy, time and money.

  1. Initial Interview.
    We meet with you, the owner or manager, to understand your organization’s values and priorities, opportunities and challenges, to best help you as your efficiency partners.
  2. FREE Efficiency Evaluation.
    We review your utility bills and conduct a site visit to quantify your consumption, your potential cost savings, and your bankable efficiency budget. We provide your efficiency evaluation at no cost and no obligation.
  3. Efficiency Plan.
    If you decide to work with us, we will develop a detailed efficiency plan for you. We will explain exactly what we will upgrade or recommission, how much it will cost and save, and what your return on investment will be.
  4. Financing Terms.
    If, after reviewing your efficiency plan, you decide to finance your project, we will help you arrange affordable lease terms through a third-party efficiency lender.
  5. Performance Contract.
    We guarantee that you will pay less to lease AND operate your efficient new equipment than you pay JUST to operate your inefficient old equipment. Your performance contract will guarantee better cash flow and an annual percentage yield.
  6. Project Completion.
    We are Efficiency Maine Qualified Partners and licensed electricians. We work with your existing team of contractors, or do the work ourselves. We will manage your efficiency projects to a successful completion.
  7. Follow up and Guarantee.
    We monitor your utility bills for twelve months after project completion. If your efficient new equipment fails to perform, we will repair or replace it, or pay you the difference.