Electricity Suppliers

In Maine, you can accept the Standard Offer supply, or you can shop around for the best deal for electricity.

One Grid, Many Suppliers

Maine has one public electricity grid that is managed by several different companies.

Suppliers feed in electricity to the grid; consumers use electricity from the grid. Utilities maintain the public grid and are responsible for delivering electricity from each supplier to each consumer.

Electric Utilities

You can not choose who will deliver your electricity. If your address is in Central Maine Power’s territory, CMP will deliver electricity to you, read your meter, and bill you. If your address is in Emera Maine’s territory, Emera will do that.

On your electric bill, the following charges are from your utility:

  1. a monthly service charge simply for being connected to the public electricity grid,
  2. a delivery charge for the electricity you consume,
  3. state sales tax, and
  4. maybe (if you use a lot of electricity) a demand charge based on your peak demand each month.

All of these charges are proposed by your utility and approved by the Maine Public Utility Commission by rate class (residential, small commercial, medium commercial, large commercial, etc.). Different types of consumers pay different rates for electricity.

Competitive Electricity Suppliers

You can choose who will supply electricity to the grid for you. By default, your electricity supplier is the Standard Offer Provider. If you want to change your supplier, you can work with a broker or you can directly contact a Competitive Electricity Provider.

On your electric bill, the supply charge is from your supplier, based on how much electricity you use. You can sometimes find a lower rate for the supply charge by shopping around. If you change your supplier, the only thing that will change on your bill is your supply charge.

Solar Electricity

In Maine, you have the right to generate electricity and feed in to the public grid yourself. The most common way to do this is to install solar panels plus a “grid-tied” inverter that synchronizes with the electric flow of the public grid. Check with us about the current rules on solar electricity, because Maine may be changing how you are compensated for supplying solar electricity to the public grid.

Online Electricity Shopping Tools

These sites help you find electricity suppliers online:

Electricity Brokers

These companies can help you find an electricity supplier, comparing rates among multiple suppliers.

Note – Spark Applied Efficiency has no relationship with any broker or electricity supplier. We provide this list as a resource to help you do your own research.
Broker NameAddressPhoneEmail
5Linx275 Kenneth Drive Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14623
APPI Energy2013 Northwood Drive, Suite One
Salisbury, MD 21801
Alternative Utility ServicesPO Box 250
Lake Geneva, WI 53147
Beacon EnergyP.O. Box 151
North Andover, MA 01845
BidUrEnergy198 Tremont St, Suite 436
Boston, MA 02116
Choice Energy Services5151 San Felipe, Suite 2200
Houston, TX 77056
Competitive Energy Services148 Middle Street Suite 506
Portland, ME 04101
Crosslink Energy AdvisorsP.O. Box 678
Buffalo, NY 14207

Competitive Electricity Suppliers

These companies can supply electricity for you. Note – Spark Applied Efficiency has no relationship with any broker or electricity supplier. We provide this list as a resource to help you do your own research.

Green Power Programs

“Green power” is electricity from sources that are relatively less harmful to our environment and society. All electricity generation has some impact, but some sources are greener than others. The greenest energy sources harness natural energy flows of the Earth which are perpetually renewed, such as rain, wind, tides, and sunshine.

Maine Green Power

Maine’s Public Utilities Commission now offers the voluntary Maine Green Power program. You can choose to pay a little extra on your electric bill for clean, 100% Maine-made renewable energy by enrolling online.

Green Power Options from Competitive Suppliers

Another way to support renewable energy is to sign up for a “green” electricity plan from a competitive electricity supplier: